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Conferência Internacioal “Flying in 2050”

“Air and Space Academy”
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«Conferência internacional subordinada ao tema “Flying in 2050”, terá lugar nos dias 30 e 31 de maio de 2012, em Toulouse, França.


artigo publicado na página de internet “Inac”
(17 Abril 2012)

Aims of the conference
The air transport sector and associated activities are vital for the European and global economy, but their future could be put at risk by 2050 if a certain number of strategic decisions are not taken in good time. In this area, air transport manufacturers and operators tend to limit their studies to a 20 year timescale.
The Air and Space Academy’s Foresight commission, made up of aeronautics experts, has identified the challenges to be met by air transport within the 2050 timeline and reviewed them in an initial report published on the following themes:
Prospects for air traffic growth by 2050
Quality of service expected by 2050
Contribution of aircraft manufacturing
Energy sources available for air transport
Operational structures: airports and airlines
Environmental impact
Air traffic management
The role of Space in air transport in 2050
With the participation of recognised, independent experts, this conference will aim to provide a platform for debate on these issues, to identify what is at stake and the challenges that must be met, and to provide recommendations and solutions for the attention of political and industrial policymakers, as well as the scientific and education community, whose task it is to prepare for tomorrow’s air transport system.

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